Eden sets the highest academic standards, both in the class and out of class. The goal is to achieve not only outstanding academic results, but to give pupils superior academic skills. Its staff are carefully selected, not only for their qualifications, but also for their enthusiasm, empathy and desire to see their pupils achieve their best. 
Eden College is well known for its wealth of cultural talent. Pupils are able to matriculate with arts subjects including: Visual Arts, Dance Studies, Drama Studies and Music Studies. Every year the school hosts many cultural happenings in its full calendar.
Eden College prides itself in offering excellent holistic education which prioritizes top-class academics, but includes sport, culture, leadership and life skills in the programme. Sport plays a major role in this balanced educational offering.

Why Eden

  • Highest academic standards
  • Established reputation for excellence
  • Personal support by an incomparable teaching team is the golden rule
  • We celebrate the diversity of cultures in a cosmopolitan South Africa
  • The emphasis is on personal attention.